Bliss Couple and Family Therapy

Bliss* offers pre-marital counseling and couple therapy in the Greater Seattle Area.  Pre-marital couples receive an integration of the    PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment along with skill building taught through Gottman Method Couple Therapy. Teen Bliss* is a forward thinking and innovative mentoring program, concerned with breaking down teenage isolation through the use of group discussion and activities.

Laura Heck, MA, LMFTA

Laura Heck, received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate and has advanced training in Gottman Method.

Laura Heck, MA, Couple and Family Therapist

Laura has found her niche in the counseling field, assisting clients to identify and build upon their strengths. She works within a family systems perspective believing that people nor their problems exist in a vacuum. Physical, social and emotional functioning of family members is profoundly interdependent, with changes in one part of the system reverberating in other parts. Often Laura will meet with entire family units in order to reinforce necessary change.

Laura is primarily concerned with providing affordable and fun sessions to those who may need a bit of guidance but are not comfortable with individual or couple therapy. Group sessions are geared toward building on the individual and couple’s strengths while developing new skills that can be used to successfully cope with future stressors.

She is pursuing certification as a sexual health professional, is a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, has completed Level 3 of Gottman Method training,  is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists as well as a member of the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapists.

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